Service Level Agreements

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Service level agreements

At CloudWays, every Service Level Agreement (SLA) is uniquely tailored to meet your enterprise’s most critical needs. Our approach is centered around proactive and preventative maintenance and the contract acts as a retainer.

We offer 5 levels of service agreements. SLA Levels 1 through 4 include a regular onsite technician, determined by a fixed schedule. Our Level 5 SLA offers remote support only.

Our services to you will encompass the management of your network, including all computers, printers, peripherals, and software. The appointed technician will visit your premises as first-line support and typically follow a preventative maintenance checklist.

We do, however, recognize that problems may arise outside of fixed schedules and, wherever possible, these will be solved remotely, as reported. Depending on the SLA level selected, we will guarantee a lead time for crisis tasks and other undertakings. However, if the company’s server PC crashes, our crisis control promise to you is that it will be up and running within 48 hours.



We price our SLAs at a fixed rate, determined by the number of computers that must be maintained. The cost of the contract is divided equally into monthly installments from the inception of the contract until 31 December. We have found this approach the most effective since it caters forto extenuating, unpredictable circumstances that may demand extra time.

Additionally, in keeping with our philosophy of proactive and preventative upkeep, the SLA will incorporate servicing your business’ IT infrastructure which often entails operations that can only be carried out after hours, when no one is dependent on the network.


Clients Testimonials

At Samantha Dunbar Inc. physio, CloudWays handle all our IT systems and support. With their expertise, they recently redeployed our system to a cloud server. Thanks to them we are now able to access all 6 branches from a central point. CloudWays offers fast and efficient support and turnaround times. Their implementation of a dedicated WhatsApp group helps ensure swift responses to urgent queries. Abrie and his team really go that extra mile! I recommend CloudWays to any business that wishes to take their company to the next level.

Jan Janse van Rensburg

Operations Manager, Samantha Dunbar Inc.

To move WAPPoint into the 21st century, CloudWays helped us configure 40 remote-users, spread countrywide, on state-of-the-art cloud servers, within our budgetary constraints. Despite being on SLA, we have never felt like a number. A CloudWays technician is only ever a phone call away. Abrie and his team keep ahead of IT trends, researching and negotiating on our behalf as if they were one of us. Their client liaison system focuses on the right person at the right time, protecting clients from suffering the typical bull-headed ego of IT guys. They always go above and beyond. I hope that CloudWays will be supporting us until the end of time!

Andrew Kotze

Managing Director, WAPPoint


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and a customer that defines the level of service the provider will deliver. It sets out the agreed-upon terms, such as service availability, response time, resolution time, and performance metrics.

Why is an SLA important for my business?

An SLA is important for your business because it ensures that the IT services you receive meet your expectations and requirements. It sets out the minimum service levels you can expect from your IT provider, and provides a framework for measuring and monitoring their performance.

What types of SLAs do you offer?

We offer different types of SLAs, depending on your business needs. We can provide SLAs for availability, response time, resolution time, performance, and more.

What is your response time for critical issues?

Our response time for critical issues is typically within a specified timeframe, such as one hour or less. However, we can customize the response time based on your specific needs.

Can I customize an SLA to fit my business needs?

Yes, we can customize an SLA to fit your specific business needs. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and create an SLA that meets your expectations.

What kind of reporting do you provide for SLAs

We provide regular reports that show the service’s performance against the SLA metrics, including availability, response time, and resolution time. The reports help you track the service’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

What is the process for creating an SLA?

The process for creating an SLA starts with a consultation where we discuss your business needs and requirements. We then work together to define the service levels, metrics, and reporting requirements. Once the SLA is agreed upon, we document the terms and sign the contract.

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